16 October, 2024

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Disruptive lounge #15

Invitation only!

Explore startups, newest technologies, gadgets and prototypes from Universities.


The place to find inspiration and investors.
Find what the future holds for you.

The DISRUPTIVE LOUNGE,  the regular event by invitation only for thought leaders, founders, influencers, professors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels, family offices and innovators mostly in Hamburg who exchange ideas about promising products, startups and companies, industries and technologies. In a relaxed after-work style, it also contributes to the informal discussion atmosphere between investors and startups, without startup pitches.

Since 2016, the DISRUPTIVE LOUNGE has been roaming Hamburg to connect the various innovation scenes. More than five million euros in investments have already been invested as a result of the DISRUPTIVE LOUNGE. In addition to startups, universities exhibit the latest prototypes for guests to try out.

It is a non-profit event free of charge for all guests with the following topics so far:

Lounge #01 – Urban Farming (at Innovations Contact Point)
Lounge #02 – Augmented Reality (at Innovations Contact Point)
Lounge #03 – Virtual Reality (at Innovations Contact Point)
Lounge #04 – 4-D-Druck and Materials (
at Innovations Contact Point)
Lounge #05 – Robotics (IKS, Neuer Wall)
Lounge #06 – Advanced Robotics (NORTEC, Messe Hamburg)
Lounge #07 – Responsive City (BRAND UNIVERSITY)
Lounge #08 – mAschIne leArnIng (Dockland, NORDAKADEMIE)
Lounge #09 – From Zero to Hero (sTARTUp DAY, Tartu, Estonia)
Lounge #10 – Midsummer (University Hamburg Guest House)
Lounge #11 – @Solutions Hamburg (Kampnagel)
Lounge #12 – Conoration Day (WineBANK)
Lounge #13 – NEXUS ANGEL AI (Dockland, ARIC)
Lounge #14 – @Cheftreff: Geeks, Nerds and Talents (Handelskammer Hamburg)
Lounge #15 – Disruptive Circle (Dockland)

If you don’t know who’s the lame duck in the market it’s propably you.

By Invitation only!

Discover startups and technologies
Meet investors
and CEOs
Have fun with strictly good drinks and no pitches

Entrez, Preneurs!
Get some impressions

Hey, market leaders!
How’s the champagne
tasting on the Titanic?

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